Auto Clave / Retort Vessels

Sterilisation or Auto Clave may be defined as the statistically complete destruction of all micro-organisms, including the most resistant bacteria and spores.

Thermic's experience allows us to innovate solutions whatever your production capacity would be:

From small capacity:

  • Manual handling.
  • Use of a heat exchanger connected to an electrical power supply.


To very high capacity output:

  • Hydrostatic continuous steriliser.
  • Sterilisation shops fully automation.
  • Systems for energy recovering.


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Thermic has been involved in the design and manufacture of auto claves for many years.

  • Horizontal or vertical in design.
  • Design and manufacture to ASME & AS1210.
  • 316L stainless steel pressure vessel.
  • 1 or 2 doors manually or fully automatic locking.
  • Internal conveyor.
  • Double cooling cycle (cold water and chilled water).
  • Viewing port.
  • Full immersion type with hot water recovery tank.
  • Fully automatic basket loader and unloader.



Auto Claves can be used for numerous medical and laboratory applications in market sectors as follows:

  • Food and dairy industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Healthcare (including pathology).
  • Brewing.
  • Agriculture & horticulture research.



  • Computer controlled sterilisation.
  • Pressure and temperature control.
  • Verification of sterilisation results via printers, chart recorders or data loggers.
  • 16 bit microprocessor intelligent system.
  • 16 character alphanumeric display.
  • 28 keys keyboard.
  • PIN restricted user programming.



  • Sterilization controlled by microprocessor.
  • No contamination possible while cooling with sterilised water.
  • Overpressure independent from temperature.
  • Safety in case of power cut.
  • No thermic shocks.
  • Access programme denial for unauthorised persons.